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>taking a shower
>suddenly remember i haven't jacked off in 2 days
>get an idea
>squat down and stick a finger in my asshole
>feels kimochiii desu
>want more
>want bigger
>look around
>find a body brush with a decently sized handle
>begin to press brush handle against my asshole while squatting
>it isn't going in
>spit and suck on brush handle to lube it up
>try a second time
>starts slipping in ever so slowly
>feels like it's taking forever
>it's still barely in
>finally get it to the base
>at this point im fucking losing it over how good it feels
>boner at full mast
>shoving brush in ass while other hand jacks off
>spit on dick to make it more slippery
>now I'm finally getting into the rhythm
>cum HARD
>sit for a bit with the handle of a brush in my ass, thinking about how good that just felt
>breathing heavy, legs feel like jelly
>finally get moving and gently pull brush out
>it feels good when it slides out
>surprised to see no brown
>big smile on my face as I clean up
>thinking about how I'll probably do that again some time soon
>so my question is this, /bant/:
Are prostate orgasms gay?