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Even if you don't feel like you do what you are suppposed to, even if you think you could do better, even if you believe you have lost every last drop of passion you had in yourself and you're slowly becoming an empty vessel, do not sadden, as you have no obligation. As you can and should proceed with what you want, with your way of living. Do not listen to the preachers of "better lifestyle", telling you that you have to do this and that and absolutely cease some other habit of yours in order to become a human content with himself. Why would you have to go by someone else's orders to achieve happiness? Why would their way of living apply as well to you? And why would it be better than yours? Do not fall into the trap of presumably objective deeds of "a happy person", they are just what majority, the swarm, the hive, considers necessary for fulfillment. And just that, nothing else, they are not The Truth, the objective one. What you need is up to your choosing, not anyone else's. And lastly, do not listen to me, as that's the way I do think, yours is most likely to be quite different. It's you who is up to picking it all, it's you who shapes your version of the world arround you, you are the center of the universe. You are the important one and your beliefs are the only true ones. Cognosce te ipsum. Carpe ipsum.