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What's going on with datingsites and tinder etc.? I was in a relationship for 3 years. I used to get at least 10 - 20 likes a day and more responses on datingsites.

I didn't get any uglier or anything. Did something happen to the market? It was already shit, how did it become even more shit? Are women even looking anymore?

Also, I had weird stuff happen:
>4 girls literally said that they might want to "adopt" children, after I asked about children prosperities
>If you say you're looking for a serious relationship, they stop responding
>They get offended at every small joke I made
>If you talk serious at all, they stop responding

What happend? Do they have like unlimited options or something? I don't even look bad 7/10 face 5'11 and I earn good money. What happend pol? Anyone else have experience with this shit?