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has r/banter's foreskin every dried up so much that it hardened and couldn't be squished normally and it really hurts and so you tried to squish your foreskin but it started cracking off and now you have shattered dry foreskin between your fingers so you pause realizing what you did but your belly growls so you put the foreskin in your mouth and its almost like chewing a stick of gum like how its incredibly dry and hard but gets squishier and less solid the more you chew and it has this weird vinegary/sweaty taste and your like ew its gross but then you look down and notice blood spurting from your penis and your like uh oh spaghettios but the blood is really warm and feels good on your dick so you get really horny and start masturbating as blood splurts everywhere and its such a painful fap that you die but not really because you have to still be alive to make this thread ? ?