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Okay /bant/, this is fucking enough
You may know me as reportfagging kraut, dude who drew a bunch of burdo oc, muttposter, bigbangtheoryfan1995 and many more, which hopefully noone was able to connect, but now i dont give a shit anymore.. Ive been here since day 1 and Im leaving forever - blogpost, yes, but who gives a shit, this probably increases the board quality given that its dropped as low as touhouposters IQs in the second half of /bant/s existence.
Like you were able to have actual discussions here, threads that got to 50-100 replies with actual written sentences about various topics, now all you get is around 5 spam posts from children that got here from /r/4chan and social media meme pages trying hard to be funny and maybe 1 genuine reply if youre lucky.
It seems that except for these children and a bunch of neets that post anime everywhere 24/7 because they have no social life or roleplay as homosexuals because their endless virginity makes them really desperate.
The worst people are especially americans, scandinavians, spanish, other germans, all asians except for emirates, japan, tunisia, india and turkey.
Its a shame how everything turned out because this was a real fun place in the beginning, but pathetic neets and children always ruin everything online

If someone knows where all the good posters went id be glad to know

Fuck you to everyone at fault for this and goodbye