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should i continue this? 1/3

His eyes stung, the veins in his eyes shone crimson red, he had cried himself to sleep, slept for 4 hours and then woken up crying. Thick almost solid tears they forced their way out if his eyes and rolled down past his rosy cheeks and finally reached his lips where he slowly licked them away. He’d never cried over a girl before but he’d also never had a girlfriend before so he figured that that had something to do with it. Two days ago he’d received a text from her saying “I’m sorry Nil but I’m just not ready for a boyfriend.” They had been together for 2 months and now she just decides to break up with him? What had he done wrong? Was he too clingy? Was he too loving? Was it the kissing? he could fix the kissing. He was on the verge of hitting sixteen and he thought he was strong enough to handle a break up, but it turned out that he wasn’t. He texted his friends asking what he should do but they only replied “it wasn’t even a real relationship” and “Two months? Don’t be a pussy” so his asshole friends didn’t help, and the only logical thing to do in his mind was to cry a storm so that’s what he did.