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here is what a world with artificial wombs and without women looks like
I'm going to post this every day, until you remember or prove me wrong.

>no more souldraining 8 a day work to support a greedy money bitch
>an all male society, where status,clothes and all that nonsense doesnt matter
>a society which doesnt value consumerism, but rather intellectual pursuit
>less places wasted for useless consumption
>a sexy robot waifu with all the benefits of women, but no negatives
>no more welfare and stupid laws
>no slaving away for a creature which only wants more and more
>a technologically advanced society, where intelligence is valued
>men will be able to freely express themselves and evolve without female constraint
>no more having to worry about divorce and losing your children
>beeing able to spend quality time with your sons bonding while playing video games ( VR: Kingdom Come 7)
>have a harem of all the hot robot waifus ( the perfect women of your imaginations)
>no irrational creatures can decide the course of society
>breaking the cycle of civilization(patriarchy>womens liberation>death)
>no superficial value of men (money, fame status)
>men could easily live in villages, as they could have sons on their own (women abandon villages to live in the cities)
>no more soyboys and numales who were raised by (((single mothers)))
so what are we waiting for?