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Internet in a World War

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What do you guys think the effect of the internet would be in the event of a major conflict between the USA and another major world power? I already thought about some things:

nations will be able to beam propaganda, misinformation, etc. directly to enemy citizens homes. shills won't be looking to make money, they'll be looking to demoralize and scare foreign internet users. it will become impossible to discuss the war without someone trying to manipulate you
think of how easy it is for corporations to manipulate the content you see online, now imagine that same effort backed by an entire country

the government will find a way to censor and lock down any news or communication outlets it doesn't approve of. twitter, youtube, reddit, 4chan, etc. will all undergo severe changes
(USA has a history of silencing unfavorable ideas during wartime)

hacking & cyber warfare will be rampant. virus and malware technology (researched & funded by the government) will become more effective & destructive than ever before. it won't be safe to casually browse the internet without risking damage to your computer

i believe after the war (if earth hasn't been blown up by atomic bombs) the world wide web as we know it will be completely different, the USA will have hauled ass and passed so much legislation limiting its scope it won't be recognizable. the "wild west" of the internet will truly be over

what do you guys think?