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Am i in kurwa? WW3

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Am I an attractive person to world and women if: I
-Christianity (little islamised becouse much bad guys in this years and beheading is great idea)
-aryan blue eyes, blonde hair
-respect women, army,
-want work with police, army for my wife, childrens and society,
-i live 20 years in Poland
-i know something about history(Mongols,US, Jews,Republician,Nazi,Communist, Psychology
-i have car license. not car yet
- strongly fit

I want end college in Poland, done best school here start study for Nafta (Gas), learn about programing.
Work and goes with my own city ;)

Is my 5-7 years boom plan. Is it possible? What you think?

Im only scaried at this moment about this all feminization in America and Thailandi about this bulgs boi's and mtf girls. Scary about their kids psychics, internet porn open and WW3 becouse to much people like Trump or Putin.