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How do I get my ass to study?

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Me a 19 year grades fucked up, health compromised, severely anxious boy. I know I have fucked up my life by being sucked up by shithole of internet. Long story short, I fucked up the last 2 years, earlier I was your good at school level snowflake syndrome kid. Now i am a pajeetthetic loser. But I realised I need to get out of this trap and am young and can do it. The problem is I cannot figure out how? I end up coming online and procrastinating all day everyday instead of doing my work(work hard to get placed as an IT coolie). I am thinking of doing something stupid like hanging from a building to get my mind back, I need some really mind altering experience so that I value my fucking life and don't waste my formative years among losers here. Any saner strategies, alternatives?