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The reason why /pol/ threads that get moved to /bant/ always die is because your clown circus of a board is such a backwards shithole infested with ironic weeaboo cancer fresh off the Youtube boat and forced [s4s]-lite epic maymays. What do I see when I scroll down through the catalogue? The same low-effort threads over and over again. The same threads from yesterday. The same threads from the day before. The same threads from last week. The same threads from last month, over and over and over again. Low-effort posts made by mouthbreathing retards looking for instant satisfaction and recognition among their peers so that /bant/ can become their personal chatroom. This board's become such a bizarre, esoteric circlejerk that people have unironically come to believe that this board somehow represents the so-called essence of old /b/, or is somehow a hangout for oldfags when the behaviour on this board would get laughed at and questioned on any other board, yes, including /b/. /bant/ users have become so obsessed with their stale jokes and forced memes that they truly believe there's a deeper meaning to the cancer they posted, or that their community is anything more than retards bashing their foreheads on a keyboard and clicking "Post". OC production on this board, if you can even call it that, amounts to editing decade old MS paint comics to make them look even more stupid, and the users on this board hate original content from other boards because truth be told /bant/'s OC is inadequate in comparison. You're not old /b/. You're not a bastion of oldfags. Oldfags hated people who slathered low quality posts with irony. You're /pol/'s garbage can. Even /trash/ doesn't try to pretend to be something it isn't. /bant/ is /trash/ for narcissists who circlejerk in filth and force it down eachother's throats while convincing themselves their board's continued existence is justified. You're /pol/'s toilet, start acting like it and open wide. BRAAAAAPPPPPPFFFFFTHHHHH