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>May 4th, 2022
>it's /bant/'s 5th birthday
>not that anyone using the board cares
>most notable anons have left
>Yuuka gave up on happy day general after many demoralizations from the thread being spammed to death by factions ranging from anti-anime to anti-gay, though some anon tried to keep it up for several weeks, ultimately failing
>PD, CockEyes stopped visiting, two months and three months respectively, after the board became too much of a directionless shithole after /pol/, /b/, and /v/ were frozen times by staff for over a week
>Chile, Argentina drawfag anons dropped out after their respective drawthreads were washed away with the unending spam from /pol/fags trying to forcibly colonize /bant/ in some autistic operation to "retake" it
>Bumstead, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Singapore, aya, flandre, my+onihs, C⌬©⍟ℕυͳ, SHIT POST, Normie, Kek specialist, Duke, and even ssp and saudiburger and various other prolific posters bailed long before this point
>the bunker boards sit as an abandoned graveyard

>only chicanon remains