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ITT: times you had an argument and lost despite your best efforts Greentext edition

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>be me
>Half British tho so basically perfect English
>At school
>School employee hears me talking to English teacher
>Finish talking and he approaches me
>"Oye Anon cuanto sacas en inglés? Puro 10 verdad??"
>Asked me if I got perfect grades in English (due to him knowing I'm half English)
>Tell him I don't get perfect grades more just average
>Demands to know why
>Tell him I have nothing to prove because I already know English and I can focus on the other subjects better because there's no way of failing english and I don't need a perfect grade
>Loses his shit starts trying to give me a lecture about responsibility and how I'm not doing good enough
>Calls me Medicare at life
>At this point I just storm off not knowing how to answer such an illogical thing to say
>Get frustrated the rest of the day

All this because of my betaness...what should I have done /bant/?