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NOTE to those who come to our Page to argue their points:

The Humanity Party® has presented its platform for change. If you don't support it, that is your choice. We have nothing further for you. There are other political parties for you to support, or not.

We will not allow people to post disparaging or argumentative opinions.

We have spent many years researching the points of our platform. We have found the solutions. They are not open for debate.


What we do encourage is someone presenting a better, more logical solution than what we propose. We challenge anyone to present any alternative solution that makes more sense and will work better than our propositions. When it comes to our economic plan, we have challenged anyone to show why this plan will not work to eliminate poverty throughout the world. Our offer of $100,000 still stands. A challenger must show why it wouldn't work and present their own solution to poverty. (The excuse that not enough people will back the plan is not a viable challenge.)

Again, we will not allow disparaging comments or arguments on our proposals. We will ONLY allow discussions of other proposals and solutions that will solve the problems that ours address.

Any person who posts anything but alternative solutions, or a respectful challenge, will be banned from responding to or posting anything on our social media pages or website.

Thank you,

The Humanity Party®

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.