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Telll us about your penis inspection day experiences anons.

>We had this qt nurse I always had the hots for and would regularly make up excuses to be ill so I could get to see her and have her check me over.
>The hairs on the back of my neck and headwould always rise when she touched me.
>We eventually had penis inspection day come around and we had to line up and drop our pants.
>As she went along the line she would cup the boys balls and ask them to cough. Then should would lift the penis and have a quick look for any issues.
>By the time she got to me I already had a semi-erection.
>She cupped my balls and my penis went fully erect.
>She giggled which only made it harder.
>I went red as a beetroot.
>She held my penis lightly between her fingers and moved it around a bit whilst she checked for any issues.
>She pulled down on it a bit which pulled my forskin back a bit. I was dribbling precum.
>She smiled and made a face like I was a naughty boy and then moved on.
>I quickly pulled my pants back up and left.

I have fapped so many times to the thought of that experience.

How did your penis inspection day go?