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Story time fellas

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>be young me
>Always wanted an online game
>parents thought gaming was the spawn of satan
>eventually help them realize their "dumbass-arry"
>find early roblox
>ask parents if i can sign up
>is a yes
>loving game
>at time, could swear in game.
>didnt read rules for game
>get mad at someone
>the rage of a million supernovas is released
>mum gets email explaining ban
>follows me to computer next time i log on
>she sees the ban message along with what i said
>i hear a clearing throat noise behind me
>mfw half a year ban from electronics
>mfw having to convince them gaming not spawn of satan again

(was having a weird prob with greentext in the past, if it doesn't show up then fuck)

(also might have misspelled maybe i dunno)