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Niggers, an Atlantisean genetic breeding experiment gone wrong?

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I have been more and more interested in the theories about the ancient Atlantis and the fall of ancient civilizations. Theories from Carl Munck and others claim that when the last ice age ended Atlantis was sunk by the rising sea levels from the molten ice. The surviving Atlantiseans sailed? out and created new civilizations across the earth in Egypt, Peru, Cambodia etc. When Göbekli Tepe was uncovered and dated to about 9130 b.c. by German archologists in the late 90-ies we have all of the sudden found advanced architecture that is close in time to the supposed sinking of Atlantis.

There is lot of speculation about the Atlantiseans having access to high-tech that couldn’t be recreated by later civilizations. Interestingly the Bantu niggers start to become large in numbers and spread across Africa in what seems to be a relatively close time frame.

“However, the demographic boom the ancestors of the Bantus dates back to between 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, which might call into question the impact of agriculture, which emerged more than 2,000 years later.”