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Paperclip Hitman

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>be me
>be in 8th grade
>It's the end of the school year and i had the brilliant idea of launching paperclips half unbent from a rubber band pick related
>friend see me playing with the paperclip and says
>"hey anon can you go hit lazy eye he's going around and sticking is finger under peoples ribs"
I'm going to call him lazy eye and the kid asking me this is going to be log
>"sure log"
>log goes back to the other side of the room
>I set up behind a desk ready to fire
>I let go
>hits him in the back of the head and I roll out of sight
>log comes back over and gives me a TicTac for it
>I'm now the paperclip hit man
>my face when I wasn't caught
That gave me an idea for camp that summer but that's a story for another time.