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Let's share mutual stories and we help each other:

>be me 3 months ago
>be a fat lazy neckbearded useless retard
>my desk was full of empty cans and empty chip bags
>always fapped, literally, every day I fapped at least 4 times
>no hobbies at all, just wasted my time playing TF2 and shitposting on 4chan
>always constantly angry atm, whining about everything and responding all petitions for finding a job or cleaning my room with "yeah, I'll do it later dw"
>didn't do it one single time, felt depressed but it was too comfortable to do anything about it
>one day
>be browsing 4chan as usual
>visit /fit/ for curiosity
>see a /sig/ thread
>be curious about what that was, didn't really know what it meant
>as I scroll through the thread, I see infographics and info about improving your life and lectures on good habits
>at first I thought all that was bullshit made by these so-called "motivators", who whine about being productive and shit
>they weren't
>they were anons telling stories about changing their life habits and social view of everything
>I start looking at all the material they left for us to read
>start to inform about the things I did wrong
>fight with myself for having some common sense
>at last, I stand up from my chair
>have a full 360º degrees look about my room
>grab a pack of XXL plastic bags
>start throwing all the garbage I had there
>3 full bags went by, I was all evening cleaning up that mess
>when I finished, my room felt like fucking Mars
>it was just another planet to live in
>my desk was clean, if you passed the finger you wouldn't catch any sort of oil or grease with the tip of your finger
>grabed all my pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers and markers and put it on a big glass
>instead of my floor covered in chip fragments and spilled soda marks, it was so clean I could see myself through the reflection
>fell completely realized for the first time in years