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On this message board there was a specific thread that caught my eye, it was one of those "greentexts stories", you know the ones, with their "tfw no american bf" and "be me at work".

It was a Touhou fan fiction about Malisa Kurisamo, but something about it sent shivers down my spine. The image attached appeared to be Matisa, but something was... different.

As I stared deep into her muching eyes I realized she was missing grace, there was only spaghetti with tomato sauce dripping out. The image then slowly started to morph, deform, and warp in weird ways, before halting and turning into a link: [REDACTED]

The link brought me to a well-designed geocities page with marquees and <blink> tags, it was sick spanish pedo's downloads page for his personal use. One of those links led to a ROM download for Touhou 6.9: Blood Scarlet (the unreleased game Zun refuses to mention, probably because he's seriously hammered).

Surprisingly, it was a ROM for the gentoo entertainment system, which wasn't even released in 2001! So clearly this was the work of some demonic being such as Vince the /baph/ole. I booted up the ROM in an emulator in a VM that was behind 7 proxies so I wouldn't get v&.