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Eliminating Frogposting Culture

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Realistically speaking, what would actually have to be done to completely eliminate frogposting culture from 4chan?

Back when ponies were quarantined to /mlp/, /b/ had a massive fit and still had multiple pony threads for months until they eventually gave up. Now, 4chan is completely pony-free except for /mlp/ itself, and /mlp/ is actually a very nice board for pony fans. If Administrator Hiroyuki were to create a quarantine board for frogposting, would that have the same effect? Frogposters would fight it for a few months, but in the end, they'd give up, like they do with everything else in their lives. Not only would 4chan be kept completely clean, but the frogposting culture would actually benefit drastically since instead of being spread out and hated everywhere, they'd have a single place on 4chan where they could get along.

What is your opinion on stupid frogposting culture? Do you believe the moderators to be enabling frogposting by doing very little about it on most boards, or do you believe the frogposters are so autistic that there'd be no way to get rid of them no matter what you do?