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Alice is a dumb spoiled whore and if you actually donate her money you deserve to be hanged, drawn and quartered. She constantly lies about her life, we don't even know who the true alice is. For all we know, he could be a neckbeard who doxxed an innocent woman for around a decade and compelled her into making shit threads on 4chin with the excuse of teaching "anonymous" how to cook. There are videos all over the net on how to cook every sort of food, even the dumbest retard would be able to cut an apple or a watermelon, no one needs her threads. She whines and complains about how she hates posting on here and she hates attention yet every day we have one new thread of hers popping up on the catalog. She refuses to tell the truth and instead cooks up bullshit such as her not being able to eat a couple of years ago because she didn't have a job, while she still "donated" the little she had. Blow me down, you can't simply buy yourself an apartment in NY, one of the most expensive cities in the entire world and squander your money on cosplay and shit. The truth is, none of that shit happened. She's always been loaded and the only reason she's making these threads is to catch the eye of desperate virgin NEETs and wring out as much as dough as possible from them. Alice is a liar and thief and a criminal.