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I just found out my dog was put down, /bant/. Let me hear some dog stories. Happy or sad, doesn’t matter.

I’ll start.

This dog who just died- she took out an entire loaf of bread once. An *entire* loaf. And she’s only slightly bigger than a corgi, so a loaf of bread is like maybe a fifth of the size of her torso. I caught her right as she was finishing it off. And I guess it must have absorbed all of the liquid in her stomach and expanded. Because about ten seconds into my yelling at her, she opens her mouth and gags... and slowly this long gray cylinder of compacted bread pushes out of her throat. It took on the shape of her esophagus. Just a solid dry log, maybe seven or eight inches long, inch and a half to two inches in diameter. Came out of her like a slow turd and flopped onto the carpet. Shockingly heavy when I picked it up, too.

Might be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen emerge from the body of a living being. Birth has nothing on that.