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Alright, I want to settle this issue once and for all and clear it up for my own sanity: Are anime characters in general more white looking or more asian looking?

Throughout my life I've always been attracted to 2D more than anything, literally some of my earliest memories are fantasizing about Sailor Moon and shit. But I simultaneously have found white girls the most attractive race of women. The seem the most "varied" as well, as in there are white girls that have pretty soft rounded features that remind me of anime and there are others that look nothing like an anime character.

As for the Japanese, I feel like the most attractive girls are the ones that are the closest in proximity to whiteness (Kanna Hashimoto, Masami Nagasawa, Yui Aragaki, Suzu Hirose, Satomi Ishihara, etc.) . Like, even in Japan it seems like having "white" type features (curved nose, big eyes, etc.) is extremely desirable and western beauties are worshiped. And it just seems that the chance that an average white girl is cute is way higher than for a Japanese girl. We've all seen those Japanese yearbook pictures.

And probably most importantly, Osamu Tezuka, the god of manga, was an obsessive Disney fan and as far as I know Disney was the biggest influence on his style, and no one questions that Disney characters are supposed to be white. So, logically it follows that anime characters are stylized from white people.

So what does /int/ think? This has been driving me up the wall for most of my life.