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Faggot mods deleted the thread, what do you fear about it?

As I was replying to a fellow anon:

> They use other coping mechanisms intead of medication.

In my case I’m intelligent (>120 IQ) and maybe that’s why I cruised through high school procrastinating until the year before entering college. That’s when things got grim and had to reinvent myself to be accountable. It didn’t work as I expected and knew something was wrong.

> So I want to know about the downside of ADD medication. Does it really turn you into a robot? Is it fun being a robot?

It makes me more logical and able to control my emotions if I want. I’m a very logical person per se, and that’s why nobody suspects I’m on meds from my behaviour, but I swear that gets to another level when I’m on them. Creativity isn’t diminished as I expected, but it’s true that I can obsess with one path and keep thinking why isn’t it working until I have wasted a precious amount of time

> When I take coffee over a multiday period, I don't end up feeling good, I feel worn out. I reach a point where I need an extended rest. Are ADD meds the same? Is it like burning the candle at both ends? Or are they targeted enough that they can raise attentiveness without making you feel speedy?

Coffee tires me more than add meds, but add meds can wreak havoc too. I became fit because I discovered that the more healthy I was, the less side effects I got from the comedown. When I was overweight it would destroy me for the rest of the day, now the comedown is really smooth 90% of the time.

But seriously, don’t mix it with coffee. That’s asking for excessive anxiousness