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Dreams you had recently

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>be me but in some kind of medieval time period, sorta
>we are preparing for battle, it's the kingdom vs ragtag rebel alliance
>half way through dream, i literally can't remember which team i was on
>i decide to say fuck it, i run around the kingdom's army before battle even started
>I run up to the king
>the king is peter griffen
>I stab the king
>whole army gets confused, panics, many start chasing me
>I escape into an alley, pounce a building and scale a tower while chanting "I AM ANON I AM ANON I AM ANON I AM ANON" except instead of anon its my actual name
>wake up

am I a literal imp, /bant/? what does this dream mean? also pls post ur dreams
>inb4 crazy dream that OP wasn't a faget