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I got shot in the head by the Illuminati.

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So basically I went into a psychotic episode in June 2017. I talked about all kinds of shit: The Iluminati, The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, The Rothschilds etc. Plus about the gold in Fort Knox, 9/11, different false flag attacks, Israeli embassy radiation, WW2, so on. I also talked about Ashkenazis. I talked about supplements. This led to me getting sectioned for 30 days, but I was taken off it after a week. The psychosis was caused by lack of sleep, not schizophrenia. Eventually I was moved off the assessment ward to a treatment ward. I had met a 6'6 or 6'7 military guy on the assessment ward who will.come into the story later on. Before I was moved, I talked to the nurses about the Illuminati. The night before I got shot, I explained the structure of the Illuminati to another patient. So, how did I get shot? It was on June 29, in the evening. It's all a blur but I blacked out in my bedroom and I remember a doctor shining a light in my eye. I was taken to accident & emergency and had a CT scan, everything was clear. However, I had a big lump on my forehead above my left eyebrow. My speech was slurred and I felt like death. The wall in my bedroom had a blood splatter on it. A few weeks later, I asked the military guy to inspect the window of the bedroom. It was very tough glass, the bullet didn't go into my head, it just struck it. The window didn't smash, but there was a mark. A couple months later my Spotify account was hacked and the email was changed to [email protected] I managed to log back in but my 2,000 plus songs were deleted. Most accounts I made since then we're always logged out when I logged in on them. I did /tracert on command prompt before I went into hospital and there were links to MI5, MI6, the CIA, NSA egg tracking me. Obviously this proves the Illuminati are real to me. For the record, I am not lying about this. I've fully recovered physically but I can't play most games now, because I can't focus on them. I can still watch movies.