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Fuck, i'm drunk and high as fuck /bant/. Heres a story from my fucked up childhood
>grow up in praries, lived on ranch and not to far from other people
>heavily country, cowboy and fucking idiot
>our definition of fun was tying a shopping cart onto the back of a quad and go speeding down secluded roads
>eithier that or it was steer riding or riding horses together
>one specific day we tie a shopping cart like usual
>once again for speeding
>on the back of the quad, looking back
>friends start yelling for friend to stop cause they see a rock
>driver a fucking idiot and stops abruptly
>everybody ( 4 ) inside shopping cart fling towards us
>driver gets scared and goes full throttle
>kids all tumble back into car
>driver too spooked to see and im looking back and laughing
>shopping cart now facing front, metal screeching
>we have to stop and see one of the kids passed out