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Holy fuck /pol/, I feel like this whole NPC debacle has awoken something in me. Beforehand, so little made sense. Why did Hillary nearly win the election? Why did no one want to talk to me in school? Why do naught but a few refuse to take the redpill?
It's because libtards are living life on autopilot. They lack the ability to think, feel, and react logically. Without an internal monoglue, they simply cannot process information at the same level we do. They just follow whatever instructions Big Brother churns to them through the bright rectangle in the living room. This is why right wing ideology is dying. This is why refugees are plundering our countries. This is why the great philospher of our time, Nietzsche, Hegel, Lauren Southern, Kant, are being forgotten.
Just before, I caught myself questioning the meaning of existence, and chuckled knowing that I am one of the privileged few who will ever experience such profound contemplations. Feels good man. Feels really fucking good. But now that we now we are the only ones that can fix this shit world, what the fuck do we do?