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>You are watching tv on the couch as usual
>you hear your "little" brother get home from school. He's physically bigger in every way, something that really makes you hate him.
>he comes in
>"hey anon what you do today"
>jumps on other end of couch from where you're sitting
>"n.. nothing" you looks down at his giant male feet beside you
>he sees you looking at his big feet and stretches out his legs putting his feet on your lap, making it impossible to move due to his weight.
>"my feet are killing me from gym last period and growing pains... can you rub them again for me?"
>"no, dude, please"
>he lifts his foot and presses the soles of his size 14 foot and puts it against the side of your head
>you struggle to get his huge toes and sole away from your mouth and face and recucltantky start massaging his big foots sole
>"Haha thanks anon" he wiggles his massive toes as you begin to realize what you've become