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be me
>At college
>Play a game of tennis
>Go to changing room
>Other lads there
>About to get undressed
>Remembered I'm wearing my girly 'Hello Kitty' panties
>There's nobody in apart from this Spanish guy
>I hope he doesn't see me
>He spanks my arse and says "Hey cheeka"
>Me get really nervous
>He rips my panties of and sees smol bepis and begins to stroke me and puts his fingers in my assy
>I don't enjoy this and push him away
>He hits me and locks the door
>He sits on my face
>I hate it
> He starts to insert his bepis inside me
>He cums on my face and runs out
Nobody believes me when I tell people and call me a sissy whore while I'm soaked in his dirty cum