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Happy day

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..sleepy edition.

Do you remember any recent or at least some weird dreams, Anon?
I've got one where main plot was based on getting back from some sea trip to my home which was ~800 km away, but the world consisted of mini-chapter-worlds levels kinda thing that were aproximetely 1 km x 1 km square, sometimes less.
One position on the map (we didn't had map - me and some random people that were probably my friends, at least in that dream) was different from the other - though most of them consisted of normal beautiful hill landscapes with asfalt endless roads and ocassional neat homes placed ocassionaly near the road or in the background.
There were some psychopaths, bits of forest, some weird local people here and there.. though one chapter transformed us into a 2D version of a world with some aliens and Terraria furniture, not sure what happened after that though~
It was pretty chaotic to begin with.

Ebin vids for today~
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