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I might have fucked up my friends minds and now they think I'm a psychopath.
I was drunk yesterday and stupidly stole 20 CHF, which were lying open on a table, from a friend, I can't remember what my intention was. After having a drunk conversation with them and started a discussion about how I think all humans are assholes and they refused it I used myself as an example of an extreme asshole and that I stole those 20 CHF. I refused to give them back because I wanted to prove my point so badly. I went so far and even said that I might've exploited them all the time, not only by stealing money, and they might've simply not noticed. I said that a social connection means nothing to me and I am a human who knows that everything he does is egoistic, basically meaning that I only was their friend to exploit them all along. I also said that, even though I know I shouldn't have said that I stole 20 CHF because he will, of course, demand it back, he needs to take it back with force and I know he won't go to the police just to report a friend who stole sole 20 CHF from him. They then attacked me and forced me on the ground, took my wallet and took back his 20 CHF. It was pretty unfair too desu because I was drunk and they were high on Speed, but that doesn't matter. I talked to them today and discussed what happened yesterday stating that I only bullshitted everything and it was all just stupid shit from a drunk me. They didn't sound very convinced. I might've fucked up their trust in me longterm by simply being a retard while drunk. How do I reverse this? What I said would mean everything I did and will do with them was/will only be to gain their trust and exploit them, which makes it pretty hard to regain their trust. They might even think I'm a psychopath, which would even fit me in some points, but I clearly know I am not.