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Gay Thread: Awakened Edition

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This thread is for the posting of super gay shit. Feel free to ERP post gay images and generally just be a bunch of homos. Come be gay with us or just have a conversation. Just don't be too serious about it we're all friends here.
Today we're going to remind you all how bad it use to be maybe give you a flashback or two and reassert why gays are the second tier only to the bi master race.
So have a seat on someone's lap and start grabbing some bepper because shit's gonna get really gae really fast.
Threadly reminder if you post in a gay thread you have the gae that includes (you) but not SHIT POST or PD.
Friendly reminder that impersonating Normie will result in resurerection of the Gay Thread.
Pop that cock out of your mouth because we have yet another question for you.
What is the defining trait that makes a boi a qt (owo) on first sight?
Be gae homos.