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While I believe that my "avatarfagging but drunk" shtick i a pretty unique selling point and fills a significant gap in the avatarfag marker, I realized that in order to have any chance of being competitive I'd need to increase my presence. seeing as how I only do these thread every couple weeks at best I've decided to further branch out and post all over /bant/ which will hopefully help establish the Aoifag brand
one a less meta not, I feel like Yua is the worst Tesagure and that her character adds nothing to the overall dynamic of the show
the other girls have a clear archetype: Hina is the mature onee-san-esque one with big tits and long hair, Koharun is the naive ,innocent,straight man an Aoi is the energetic,genki ,feisty girl. even in the character summary in one of the later season the only defining characteristic Yua has is that she "likes dirty jokes"