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Server Moved (yet) Again Edition

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Java Ed. IP: java.bantcraft.ga
Bedrock Ed. IP: bedrock.bantcraft.ga
Website: http://www.bantcraft.ga
The Website includes server information, directory, annoucements and Dynmap (Java Server Map) with more content being added in the coming days. I highly recommend you bookmark it and using it.
Image: Bay City

Java Edition: 1.13.2 Hard Mode. Plugins: Home/Spawn Teleport, Towny, BlockLocker, BetterSleep, mcMMO, Brewery, Guns, Trading, CoreProtect and Dynmap. Optifine for 1.13.2 and more than 4GB allocated for Minecraft is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
READ THE RULES AND SIGNS AT SPAWN. Afterwords please crouch in the elevator to the second floor to exit the tower.

Bedrock Edition: Latest Semi Vanilla.

No hacking, niggering or attempting to emulate Chernobyl.

Friendly reminder for cracked accounts/clients: This server does not officially support either of them. If you need help getting an account, you could join the Discord and ask around, but you aren't guaranteed one.

State of the Server: We moved the host yet again but this time it's a dedicated machine so most of the minor issues we've had since day one are being solved. The Anime Gallery is almost done being remodeled and another project to change the Lobby of the WTC is in progress. Some towns are planning to create an intercontinental rail system and talks about connecting it to spawn are being made. Bay City is looking great and looking for new residents. The Reich has too many residents. Simonia has too little residents. A new arena is being made based on the current one and it's going to be connected to the big Bridge at spawn. There will be a furniture plugin added to the server soon and a couple of more plugins are going to be tested this week.

Oh yeah I reset the end like a day ago and no one noticed so you guys should probably attempt to snag the Dragon Egg while you can.