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Hey, /Bant/,
Bit of an irrelevant story for y'all.
I dream a lot in sleep, I don't usually remember them all except for bits and pieces, but last night was kind of strange. For the record, I have not seen Spiderman into the Multiverse, only a few memes, and I've read a summary of the film. That being said, in my dream past night, I was spiderman. But not peter parker, i was like spiderman with the alternate identity of me. Something similar to into the multiverse must have happened, because I was chilling and eavesdropping on my mother talking about me. For some reason, i had traveled to another dimension, met Peni Parker, and had a relationship with her. Keep in mind, im 21, so the law would mostly frown upon such a thing. We had something going, but from the narration my mother gave, we broke up. Not over anything bad, but like because she had to go back to japan, and i guess I had dated someone else just to fill in the hole that her leaving left. (Which, according to my mothers narraration, was also dangerously young) i confront my mother, but she seems disgusted at me. And then the cops come for me, but i have some sort of dimensional jumper device. So i end up hopping from dimension to dimension, running from the police who seem to want to get me for the obvious nono relationships but also i was looking for peni
Its weird, but i have never seen the film, never read anything other than a wikia article on her, and in my dream, i had a relationship with her. It felt genuine too, really. The last thing i remember before waking up this morning is hopping into another dimension and saying, Peni?
I cant explain it, i know its just a dream. But i still woke up feeling kind of sad, as if it was real, and i did miss her
And in my dream, not only had i figured out how to travel to other dimensions, i had also developed 2 relationships, and somehow made it back to my reality, with my mothers knowledge, and even though its a dream, i still woke up feeling sad.