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Independance is Key.

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Loneliness is just pain leaving the body

I have just had the greatest epiphany of my life a few days ago and I now know that the adulation and approval passed by others is not needed to thrive and survive.

They say the human is a social creature yet independence is the greatest thing we have been granted as a species.

I am intrinsically happy to know that without others, i can survive and be happy.

For example, i fixed my own washing machine the other day. Disassembled the entire thing and removed a sock out of the drain pump.

I restored my own amenity and bypassed the "quality assurance" on the thing and made it run again. I did it without anyone's help. I was my own man. And in that moment, i knew that I was not someone who would be bogged down by a marriage or a myriad of disastrous, drama filled relationships with people.

I can live by my own ethics and morals and be the man i want to be, and i am happy that way.

I figured out that i do not require others to thrive, and that when you are lonely, it is just your body telling you that it is a tough moment where you must be emotionally secure and tighten your resolve, because tomorrow will come, and it will eat you alive if you're not ready inside and out.

Today, I become a man, /bant/