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Everything we derive pleasure from is in one way or another destructive. You eat food, you derive pleasure. You're mashing and destroying a perfectly good apple and transforming it into garbage. You drink a glass of milk, you are transforming something good, fresh milk, into nothing. You derive pleasure, something good vanishes. You fuck a girl your dick literally stabs into a hole in her body. You derive pleasure, you are engaging in a violent action. You have to fart? Everyone smells it. You feel pleasure, you cause suffering to those around you. Taking a shit or a piss? You create something of no value that people are disgusted by. You derive pleasure, you create problems. Do this thousands of times over period of many years and your subconscious STRONGLY associates pure pleasure with destruction and the creation problems. It's no wonder people are so violent. Humans are naturally conditioned to be associate destruction with pleasure. Until this is addressed in some way nothing will change. It's the ultimate root of all problems imo. Destructionism.