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>be me
>join this server called The Archive
( https://discord
.gg/79brJTw )
>filled with literal pedos, traps, etc
>cant report them to discord ToS because they delete posts that break it
>some faggot called Dormin runs the place
>bunch of people tell me to post my legs
>comply because desperate for attention
>Dormin tells me if I write "the archive" on my body, he'll give me any number I want, and possibly even mod
>(In the server, everyone gets a 4-digit number ranging from 1k to 9k, and the server sort of has a "numberlet" banter culture behind it)
>stupidly think "fuck it why not"
>do it
>I send it to him
>he sees it
>I delete it
>he saves it and shows it to everyone
>bullies me all day about it and calls me a retard and idiot
>everyone in the server keeps calling me a numberlet
>even the fucking traps their are bullying me
>dormin even DM's me and says the only way to make up for this is too start a live stream and shill the server and then seriously killing myself
>leave the server and have massive panic attack
>dormin sends all of his little buddies to add me as a friend and keep trying to guilt trip me into rejoining the server
>inb4 "just ignore them"
>Dormin's friends are in other main servers I use and they keep harassing me in their as well

What do I do? This faggot is seriously ruining my life.