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Happy day

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Aren't you a little bit tense lately..? It's all okay, as long as you can manage and feel alright~
But you should never forget that things we may take for necessary inconvenience, might be far away from normal for other individuals.
That little paranoia you tried to silently forget about..? Haven't you noticed it's still there, plaguing your life like a parasite from the past~?
It never became comfortable for you - just forgettable. It took you only few mornings to completely ignore, yet still remains as never confronted.
Think of it, Anon - how many parasites have you gathered, that long time ago escaped their fragile glass prisons? It's understandable if you don't know the number - nobody's here to know it.
But it's important to check on that little sanctuary - thought's garden of yours~
Because it would really be a shame to find it rotten and infested, so slowly that you didn't even notice.
A real waste, Anon.
Sad, real waste.

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