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I started this war out of a fit of anger when my most recent lets call him "e-lover" pulled a 180 after ERPing with me to run off with an anon even I hadn't heard of. It's something that shouldn't have been a big deal but knowing that once again a qt boi from bant had used me then tossed me aside finally broke me. The constant torment from anons for being a gay poster and knowing that all the other gay posters weren't interested in me broke me. I knew the only way to ensure that I wouldn't have to feel like this again was to eliminate the very concept of gay posting all together in spite of my love for it. If I could successfully bolster the anti-gayposters enough I knew that this board would tear apart at the seams. So the plan was simple. I'd spend a day shitposting against gay posters long enough to watch not only the gay posters eat each other but watch the anti-gayposters finally take some action against the gay posters. My plan worked about as perfectly as I could've imagined. While the mass confusion of why I had turncoated subsided rather quickly the hysteria of it all turned into a full blown revolution. Nice posters turned rude, people turned on Denmark and all the lines were blurred for all of a moment. All the while I sat back fanning the flames just to watch it all burn. It felt amazing watching bant suffer because I needed revenge. It seemed nobody in any thread was safe from the war that was raging. It was glorious....that is until I saw Cute post in my hate thread. Out of all the gay posters on this board there was one I just couldn't bring myself to purge. He was the reminder of the very ideals I wanted bant to have from the beginning. When I learned that my actions were effecting him it started to sink in how badly I'd fucked up. Cute was the best there ever was and still is. Unfortunately I'm not the one for him and I have to move past that. I did all this because of what he did to me but now I realize I have to protect bant for him