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>be me, Autistic kid
>primary school
>see 8/10 Blonde
>becomes my primary school crush
>be 6th grade
>give her rose on valentines day
>steal kiss on cheek before running away
>she gets made fun of for me liking her (shame)
>end of primary school
>be 12
>realise i cant keep in touch with girl, so it unfortunately can't work out
>move away to go to highschool


>be 18
>be going to shitty uni for qualifications
>mum texts me
>she saw primary school crush in public
>"i gave her your phone number"
>my primary school crush had my phone number
>she gets into contact
>im going to see her next week for basically a date

on a sidenote
>be browsing /pol/ around the time this happens
>see pic related,
>its a near spitting image of her from when i remember her (omitting the pepe of course)
>almost too much of a coincidence to be real

TLDR, my mum of all people, hooked me up with my primary school crush