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RPG now and then

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Boomer here. So in the early 90s most tabletop RPG players were divided between D&D/Gurps players and Vampire/Werewolf/WoD players.

The first were traditional nerds, high IQ, mainly with interest in STEM fields and high academic performance. Incels but willing to get laid at all costs.

The second group were mostly "goth" types, into alternative metal, literature, symbolism, and an interest in the occult. Many women here, lots of good fucks.

In general both groups were interesting to hang around. Good conversation, different personalities. Many learned languages by themselves and shared culturally relevant news from Europe and America.

Now, most "nerds" or "geeks" or whatever they are called, are dumb faggots, cucks, feminists, communists and brainwashed fucks.

What happened?