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ITT: Retarded things Merry-Mutts do

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>College costs so much that the average person needs to make a loan to pay for it
>The more expensive colleges are the only ones to give you a job and the chance of a decent career, colleges for non rich people are worth shit
>Surgical operations, or even first aid costs more than a Ferrari
>Despite all the above listed social inequalities Amerimutts still consider themselves a country that gives equal opportunity to everyone and consider themselves more equal and freedom loving loving than other countries, memeing about the american dream, despite their country clearly being the most unequal one in the Western world
>They meme themselves as the Freedom country but FBI knows everything about everyone
>Half of their male population is circumcised despite them not being Muslims or Jewish
>More than half of the population is under some heavy psychotropic drug like Xanax or worse, their "doctors" prescribe these dangerous drugs to anyone including small children if they don't behave
>They created retarded pseudo scientific beliefs such as Creationism and the Young Earth theory which go against actual sciences such as astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry or disciplines such as paleontology or archaeology
>They are clueless about geography or world's history, most of them are only thought American history in class, most of them thinks that Australia is in Europe and that Germany is in China
>They created retarded pseudoscientific theories such as the Flat Earth theory and The non existence of Global warming
>School shootings
>Highest criminality rate in the Western World
>Have 200 different types of shitty fastfood chains which produced cancerous food and contribute to global warming instead of restaurants serving real home grown food
>Sell portions of food at the mall that are 4 times bigger than Food portions in any other country