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The other day I was in class, and very sleep deprived. The way I try to keep myself awake is to sip on coffee or something whenever my eyes start closing. Well I had no coffee this time, just a big bottle of water. I was so tired, so I ended up finishing all the water way before the end of class.

As you'd expect, I had to pee really badly after that. I couldn't leave to go to the bathroom because it is a night class, and the doors to this particular room are programmed to lock at 7 pm so nobody can enter unless their ID card is in the system, which mine wasn't at the time.

So I had to sit there in discomfort. I thought whatever, I've done this many time before. But the class dragged on and on, longer than I expected. It got to the point where my bladder was in constant pain, and I was legitimately worried that I was really doing some damage to my bladder. I was certain it was the most full it had ever been.

I was getting nauseous, I couldn't move. When the class finally ended, I immediately gathered my things and rushed out. I couldn't walk properly, it all just hurt so bad. I needed a stall, I can't use a urinal. The stalls on that floor were taken, so I went down one floor only to find that the stalls on that floor were also taken. Finally, on the next floor, the bathroom was completely empty. I entered a stall and pulled down my pants.

To my absolute horror my bladder was distended so far it looked like I was slightly pregnant. I have never seen my bladder distended so much in my whole life. Disgusted at the sight, I sat on toilet and pissed with the force of a thousand suns. There was still a dull pain in my bladder afterwards.

Thoughts on this experience of mine?