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plays too many video games

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>ive had this constant feeling of wanting to die for a while now.
>whenever i do i just play video games and it distracts me well enough.
>but the feeling still lingers when im not playing video games
>its probably an addiction i understand
>ive run into a problem though, i want to die
>i want everything to end
>no matter how hard i try i always end up in the same place
>fucking hell my life is so good right now and i sit here being miserable. i have a fantastic job and a loving girlfriend i live with.
>life is chill.
>but it still lingers.
>im done with it. no matter how much i change it continues.
>however every time i feel like i can get close to edge so i can jump off. video games distract me. the pain temporarily subsides.
>its awful and i want it to stop.
>i feel maybe if I stop playing video games I can finally die.
>there is no point i just needed to vent this somewhere i guess.
>videogames are bad mmmmmmkay
>i just want to go
>im tired