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(Most) Middle to upper middle class whites are fucking weird.

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Disclaimer: Before you call this "racebait", I'm not talking about all whites in general, but rather, the majority of a subcategory (albeit a large one) of western whites.

I live in a borderline ghetto and my main job is in an even more ghetto area, but my second job (over half an hour away) is in an upper middle class suburb. This isn't the first time I've worked in such an area, and I've been to various upper class white neighborhoods as I've had friends who live in them. While there are certainly exceptions, most middle to upper class whites have this strange, artificial...almost uncanny valley feeling to them. Their injecting of politics in conversations that have nothing to do with them, their virtue signaling, their paradoxical guilt complex with their smug sense of superiority, their uptight political correctness, their contradictory consumerism mixed with a strong identity of "anti-capitalism" etc.

Obviously those are all "onions boy" traits and while the vast majority of middle to upper class whites most certainly are onions boys (nearly all of the ones under 35 are) it goes even beyond that. Their overuse of sarcasm, their overuse of pop culture references, their strange obsession with dogs (I'm talking the ones who treat their dogs like children and call them "doggos" and "fur babies"), their awkward attempts at humor, their childish mannerisms, their fake smiles, their passive-aggressiveness.... literally everything about them is just not quite right. There's no word in the English language (probably not in any other language for that matter) to fully describe it. "Autistic" "artificial" "synthetic" "uncanny vally" are all in the ball park...but none quite hit the nail of the head. They're just.....off. Their default culture is so weird that the misfits in their neighborhoods seem more normal than the normies.