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>be me
>go to subway with wife
>dude behind the counter is our usual guy
>chubby mexican manlet
>maybe 20 years old
>makes the whole sandwich perfect
>get to a new option on the menu
>le sub spice
>it is in a pepper mill and is dope
>Julio is confused as shit
>pulls bunch of random shit from under the counter
>finally pulls the pepper mill full of sub spice
>Pedro is so fucking confused
>tries shaking it like a salt shaker
>me and wife cringe
>he adjusts the setting for fineness
>"nah bro you gotta twist it"
>no senior is on the highest setting
>shows me the dial
>tries to continue shaking it
>both of us trying to explain to him what to do
>enough of this nonsense
>"here bro bring it over here"
>he hands it over the counter to me
>have to show him how to hold it and actually grind some onto the counter
>Paco is astonished by my wizardry
>proceeds to grind a shit ton of this spice onto our sub
>no tip
>tfw I literally had to show this wetback border hopper who could barely speak english how to use a fucking pepper mill