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Just imagine imagine imagine. Imagine meeting up with a fellow gay /bant/ poster at a train station, then taking him to the gym. He feels very insecure in the gym at first but grows to enjoy it. The couple then find a secluded spot and begin to kiss in the changing rooms. They then lock the doors so they aren't disturbed. The muscular boy begins to take his vest off, the other boys says "Anon, this is way too lewd and naughty".
Muscular boy lifts the skinny boy into the showers where they both begin to massage each others bum bums. Skinny boy gets on his knees like the shy cum slut he is and begins to suck muscular boys hard cock underneath the shower, their hair so wet, their bodies so hot...
Skinny boy says "Anon, this is bad and bery bery wrong", muscular boy responds "I know it it, but that's what makes this so exciting..."